Artists-In-Residence Summer 2013

We are pleased to announce that from July 1st until August 15, Alcatraz Chicago will be hosting two artists in residence: Simone Sullivan and Luke Carlson. This residency works as an extension of the principles of our proposal process: discussing art with in a loose framework, showing art, and the relationships between art and the artist, viewer, space, and curator. Our proposal process hinges upon the validity of ideas, talking about ideas, and giving an artist power through relationships and dialogue. The residency functions simply as a means of giving Sullivan and Carlson an open, serviceable space in which to work.  Modular prompts, along with collaborative and individual explorations, will drive the program.

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Simone_headSimone Sullivan currently resides in Portland Oregon where she works primarily as an actress and filmmaker, while keeping up a practice in performance, writing, and music.  Working within the realms of comedy and lyrical songwriting, Sullivan’s work privileges sarcasm and constantly questions standards and normalities. For the past two years she has taken on the persona of a fashion blogger who embodies the many facetious, cultural idiosyncrasies of the internet generation.

Her blog can be found here:

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Luke Carlson currently resides in Chicago, Illinois where he is pursuing a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  Working mainly in painting, drawing and video, Carlson’s chaotic, elegantly crude reflections of 21st century life span large and muddy territories.  With his attention to the action of drawing and brash manipulation of color, Carlson’s paintings, drawings and films unravel over wobbling, bizarre scenarios, wandering through a nexus of extremity and regularity.

His work can be found here:

Please check back for updates on the residency and news on our Fall programing!

~ Happy Summer ~


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