LESSFULLNESS ~ Opening Reception: 9.7.13 7PM-10PM






9.7.13 – 9.21.13

CHICAGO, IL. After two months in residence, Alcatraz Chicago is proud to introduce the work of Luke Carlson and Simone Sullivan. During the course of the residency Carlson and Sullivan both collaborated and worked individually inside and out of the exhibition space. The artists’ approach created a state of being, rather than a procedure carried out in the studio. The duo’s liquid way of operating resulted in a large and sporadic body of work, which privileges the products of circumstance. Curated by Alcatraz Chicago in collaboration with Carlson and Sullivan, this event is a continuation of the processes formed by the artists.

Luke Carlson is from Schenectady New York and currently lives and works in Chicago IL. Carlson is pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Simone Sullivan was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. She currently lives and works between Portland (OR), Oakland (CA), and Chicago (IL). She is primarily focused on pursuing a career in acting and latest performances include Regarding Comfort for Don’t Adjust Your Ninja Productions and March of the Percinium Arch at Emerson College.


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