Please join us for our final show at Alcatraz Chicago! In celebration of two years of operations coming to a close, we will be featuring 40 artists from across the US in the form of a catalogue. Each artist was asked to submit a work that could fit and be shipped in a USPS small flat rate box. In return we offer a “publication” that can be transported from the gallery to the viewer’s home — existing beyond the lease of a basement gallery on Goose Island. 


Ariel Baldwin
Ang Bidak
Olivia Blanchard
Luke Carlson
Jonathan Chacon 
Jess Charlesworth & Tim Parsons
Katie Chung
Olivia Coran
Francisco Cordero-Oceguera
Connor Creagan & Zach Huber
Dana DeGiulio
Sarah Doll
Morgan Elder
Kevin Goodrich
Daniel Granditto
Nick Grasso
Emily Haasch
Malcolm Hecht
Mika Horibuchi
Charles Kelman
Isabella Kendrick
Morgan Manduley
Tim Mann
Joe Mault
Jasmine Marin
Ryan Nault
Daniel Nickerson
Jing Ouyang
Betany Porter 
Collin Pressler
Dan Price
Ben Regozin
Dan Rizzo
Patrick Sarmiento 
Jack Schneider
Emma Schwartz
Ellis Von Sternberg
Simone Sullivan
Lauren Taylor
Charlie Walsh 
Emily Young
Valentina Zamfirescu


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