Compiled People 3: Cosmo Girl

Cosmo Girl features work by three pairs of Chicago-based artists. Each of the selected pairs had found a correspondence between questions of humor, sustenance, domestic objects, and the figure. Yet all three of the pairs use radically different approaches to address these ideas. This show illuminates and further problematizes the various points of contact between the individual works and collaborations.

Artist Include:
Katie Kimmel
Emma Schwartz
Oliva Coran
Lauren Taylor
Poy Born
Hanna Elliot



A Man Walks Into A Bar

10.12.13 – 10.27.13

A man walks into a bar and has two options. He hits his head, or he ducks and gets a drink.

The three Chicago based artists featured in this show use this binary as a point of departure to moderate a dialogue throughout the exhibition. In an exploration of the power dynamics between art and the public’s preconceived notions of a masculine role within it, the work salutes universal ideals of good intentions while sticking its tongue out at the social norms of being a dude. A painting sags, a wall leans, a television lays on the floor, life goes on.

Morgan Manduley (b. 1985) is currently attending the SAIC. He attended the San Francisco Art Institute from 2004-07. He has exhibited both nationally and internationally, most recently in a group show at Yusto/Giner (Marbella, Spain) and solo exhibitions at Yautepec (Mexico City, MX) and Helmuth Projects (San Diego, CA).

Tim Mann (b.1990) recently completed his BFA at SAIC (2013). His recent exhibitions include Lodos Gallery (Chicago, IL), Leroy Neiman Center Gallery (Chicago, IL), and Kirks, Apartment (Chicago, IL).

Connor Creagan (b. 1991) recently completed his BFA at SAIC (2013) His recent exhibitions include Gagosian’t Gallery (Chicago, IL), and New Capital Gallery (Chicago, IL)

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Paintings By Conor Extrom

5.4.13 – 5.19.13
Alcatraz Chicago is proud to present the paintings of Conor Ekstrom. This body of work is indicative of his agency around painting. His process traverses a wide range of territories by replacing borders and creating murky, brackish anti­equations. Riddles with too many answers, alphabets without symbols. The action and mobility of the work occurs over a long span of time by means of visual conversation and the friction of looking.

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Complied People 2

Compiled People 2 features eight Chicago artist who’s work involves the material MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). As a material, MDF unites this group of designers, painters, and sculptors as commonplace between seemingly incongruous practices.

The show features work by Yuna Baek, Ang Bidak, Connor Creagan, Emily Haasch, Zachary Huber, Charlie Kelman, Isabella Kendrick, and Jay Hyun Kim.





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Stephanie Cristello & Mika Horibuchi


CHICAGO, IL. Alcatraz Chicago is very excited to present the work of Chicago-based artists Stephanie Cristello and Mika Horibuchi.  Their latest group of paintings flirt, fumble, and occasionally fondle the idea of Classical references to appropriated images, and their anxious relationship to painting.  Through means of direct painting techniques, pattern, text, and self-declared iconography, Bad Graphics gives a gracious nod to our insincere, artificial, and unoriginal image-based world.  Deception and displacement are both indicative of the work – the attempt never becomes the real thing.  Much like a hologram on a playing card, the object falters, never truly reading as the three-dimensional thing it imitates.  Yet in the deception there is sincerity: the hologram never claims to be anything other than itself, just as the paintings never claim to be anything other than paintings. The willingness of painting to give as much or as little as it wants speaks to the idea of access, as a binary form of both a screen and a gate – something you can simultaneously look through and pass through, an interchange between painting, space, and image.

Stephanie Cristello was born in Toronto, ON. She recently completed her Liberal Arts Thesis, Consider This A Forecast: Simulations of the Weather Within the Contemporary Museum, presented in the Modern Wing of the AIC. Past positions include Chicago Art Magazine as Associate Editor, and Newcity as a Contributing Writer. She most recently wrote a catalog essay for the ESSL Museum in Vienna, New. New York.

Mika Horibuchi was born in San Francisco, California. Her work has recently been included in several group exhibitions in Chicago and San Francisco, including Act I: Absence Makes It Real at the Leroy Neiman Center Gallery. She has most recently had her first solo exhibition Slightly Better Than Reality at the Gagosian’t Gallery in Chicago.

bad-graphics10 bad-graphics09 bad-graphics07 bad-graphics06 bad-graphics04 bad-graphics03 bad-graphics02 bad-graphics01


Cabaret Cabaret: A Retrospective

We are proud to announce that on Saturday December 8th Anatomy Gift Association (A/G/A) and Alcatraz Chicago will be teaming up to present Cabaret Cabaret- a series of performances by local Chicago performers, writers and musicians. The doors open at 8pm, performances start at 9pm and end at 12am. A 3 dollar donation will be asked at the door.

Featuring Performances By- Kiam Junio, Joshua Roginsky, Cassidy Stock, Chelsey Sprengeler, Collin Pressler, Poy Born, Alec Hatcher, Dove Drury, Jacqueline Friedberg

December 8, 2012

roughwhitegentleblack poyborn2 explainingvegetarianismtoahare cassidystockpoem artmustbebeautiful


Featuring- Kira Scerbin, Kevin Champoux, Jack Schneider, Michael Madrigali, Luke Carlson, Carlos Matul

Curated by Zach Huber

October 20, 2012

6 4 7 1 5


Compiled People 1

Compiled People 1 features artists who’s work maneuvers the strata of humor, imagery, and severity with the soft tap of the tongue or a bludgeon to the head. 

Featuring- Collin Pressler, Daniel Baeza, Emily Eddy, Hanna Elliott, Hiba Ali, Lyndsey Marko, Morgan Elder, Olivia Coran

September 1, 2012. One Week Only. 6pm-11pm

017 024 039 030 003


My Jestic Art Presents: >7

Featuring- Chloe Brown, Gabriella Brown, Luke Carlson, Andrea Chiu, Alec Gibson-Hatcher, Jacqueline Renee Friedberg, Zeke Raney

April 28, 2012. One Night Only. 7pm-11pm

Luke Carlson Alec Hatcher Chloe Brown _MG_7908 Andrea Chiu


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